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Fri. Jul 1st, 2022
Movies To Watch While On Mushrooms Netflix

Movies To Watch While On Mushrooms Netflix. In this whimsical sequel to the classic alice in wonderland you’ll be mesmerized form the moment you press play. Watching soothing movies while on mushrooms can help you to relax.

Movies To Watch While On Mushrooms NetflixMovies To Watch While On Mushrooms Netflix
What New Movies To Watch For Halloween 2021 In Theaters from

Government agent kent mansley will stop at nothing to destroy the robot. Yellow submarine (1968) the yellow submarine is a favorite among psychedelic music aficionados around the world. The graphics and classical music are mesmerizing, taking you on a “journey through the imagination” through eight animated segments.

Trip With These 10 Trippy Movies For Magic Mushrooms On Netflix.

Really, which way you go with it would depend on what your trip is like/what part of the trip you're on. Or, if you want a serious mind fuck, i dare you to watch enter the void while shrooming. The lord of the rings trilogy.

Honestly I Watched The Wild Thornberrys Movie On Shrooms And It Was Great.

Three movies that are on netflix streaming that are just awesome for this are: Watching soothing movies while on mushrooms can help you to relax. Netflix's new original film the little prince is really great.

These Movies Are Crowdsourced From Popular Lsd Group On Different Social Media Platforms.

Maybe not all in one night, though, especially if you're watching the extended versions, which you obviously would be. A list of some great movies you would love to watch on lsd. The boy’s attachment to the iron giant will surely bring you to tears.

The Mushroom High Is An Extremely Visual And Spiritual One, So These Movies Focus On That.

Alice through the looking glass. Coronavirus 100 good movies you can watch on netflix while stuck at home. The only movies i can think to add are 3 women, nosferatu:

Donnie Darko (2001) Jake Gylenhall's Breakthrough Film, It Follows The Life Of An Awkward And Slightly Oddball Teenager.

It's fantastic, almost as if you're in the film. Phantom der nacht, under the skin, ex machina, drive, it follows, the witch, kwaidan, rosemary's baby, and pretty much any of de palma's earlier work. Comment, if i missed your favorite trippy movie…

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