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Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
How To Read A Caliper Dial

How To Read A Caliper Dial. 10 divisions = 1 mm. The main scale on a vernier caliper typically tells you the whole number plus the first decimal.

How To Read A Caliper DialHow To Read A Caliper Dial
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How to read a metric dial caliper. Next, read the value shown on the dial indicator. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting.

To Get Your Total Reading, Add The Two Values Together.

Click on the picture to open it in the new tab. Rely on mitutoyo for accurate dial caliper readings along with metrology education and support. Roughly, observe the outer and the inner dial scale, then add those two readings.

How To Read A Metric Dial Caliper.

For example, if a part is measured 1.531, the bar would read 1.5 and the dial would read.031. It can measure i.d, o.d, step and depth. When taking measurements, you should first read the value on the main scale.

How To Read Digital Calipers

Hold the material being measured in your left hand, then move the measuring jaws on the object being measured. Main scale reading + dial scale reading −. Each increment equals one hundred thousandths (0.100”).

Main Scale Reading + Dial Scale Reading − Zero Error = Final Reading

Next, read the value shown on the dial indicator. The dial is divided into thousandths. To read a dial caliper, start by closing the flat jaws of the caliper around the object you want to measure.

It Can Measure I.d, O.d, Step And Depth.

Will measure slightly more than 6 inches. For example, if the 0 on the sliding scale lines up with the 2 inch mark, your measurement is 2 inches. Some dial calipers have blade scales that are located above or below the rack.

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