What Is Forex?

What Is Forex?

Forex is like a myth from time immemorial. Many are praising forex because it is considered to bring many financial benefits quickly. On the other hand, forex is at the same time feared because it is considered to be able to bring in abundant losses. This myth will certainly be thrown away from the mind if we understand more at alphabetastock.com for information about the forex.

Actually, forex is a term to describe the exchange of foreign currencies or foreign exchange (forex). But in that activity, there is a trading process because the value of each currency is different.

That is, there are financial benefits that can be achieved from forex activities. The advantage is derived from the difference in the exchange rate when bought and sold on the forex market.

The principle of forex trading is also not much different from stock trading. This is because in the world of forex, “foreign currency” is used as a “commodity” that is traded. Meanwhile, in the world of shares, the company is the commodity.

Therefore, forex is often considered a gamble because there is a bet between high risk and high profits. That was caused by price fluctuations that could not be guessed.

Meanwhile, Forex is also not like stocks that have fundamental analysis.

Do you agree with the assumption that forex is gambling?

In fact, it’s a big mistake if we assume that forex is gambling. Forex has a place in the Financial Services Authority and the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency.

So from that, before we label this trading as gambling, we must understand all the info, and of course, want to learn about forex before engaging and engaging in it. If you are good at forex transactions, it is not impossible to become a rich person suddenly.

People who actively trade foreign currencies are called traders. The same is the case with traders in the world of shares. In trading, there is a broker/brokerage company that facilitates.

Through this broker, we can analyze the forex market and determine investment. Its function is more or less similar to investment management companies in mutual funds.

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