Types Of Concrete Drilling Machine

Types Of Concrete Drilling Machine

A concrete drilling machine is a machine used to make holes in the concrete surface that is one of the most important tools in concrete supplies. There are various types of drilling machines on the market. A concrete drilling machine is a machine tool that has a circular motion of the drill bit to make holes in the surface of the object. Meanwhile, concrete drilling is an operation carried out on a round concrete surface. Drilling uses rotary cutters known as drill bits and has functions in hole making, graded holes, chamfering, and hole enlargement.

Various types of drilling machines for concrete on the market can be found as needed. Each type has its specifications for working on the worksheet. A table drilling machine is placed on a tabletop surface. The use of the machine is carried out for making holes in the workpiece with a small diameter. Its diameter is limited to about 16 mm. The working principle of this machine is that the rotation of the electric motor is channeled to the engine shaft. This allows the shaft to rotate. This shaft can be moved vertically up or down. The movement is assisted by straight gears and rack teeth which can regulate the drill bit feeding pressure when drilling.

A floor drilling machine is usually installed on the floor. In addition, this machine is better known as a column drilling machine. The design of this machine is used to drill heavy and large workpieces. A radial drilling machine is used to drill heavy workpieces. The installation can be done directly on the floor, meanwhile, the machine table installation is usually fixed permanently on the machine base.

The use of a concrete drilling machine is intended for construction projects. Of course, choosing a product according to your needs and specifications is very important. This will speed up the process of working on projects in the field. In addition, it provides precise drilling results.

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