The Rug Color Choice Must Be Done Carefully

The Rug Color Choice Must Be Done Carefully

The choice Carpet Cleaners Northshore of rug color must be adjusted to the floor, you know. You don’t want to, right, have a headache choosing the right rug but your guests don’t even realize that there is a rug in the room? So, don’t choose a rug color that matches the floor color. If you want to show rug details, choose a rug with a contrasting color from the floor color. Meanwhile, if your colorful rug has been covered in stains, we suggest you call the rug cleaning north shore.

For example, a white floor is better to use light color rugs with interesting motifs. If your floor is dark, you can use a rug of contrasting colors such as yellow, white, or gray. Do you prefer simple ones? You can also combine rug colors that are still in line with the floor color. For example, here, a white floor can be fitted with a cream or light gray rug with a simple motif.

Apart from paying attention to the color of the floor, you should also look at indoor decorations such as wall paint, wallpaper, and furniture. The rug color that matches the room decor will show a beautiful room. If you want to use the same color as your room decor, choose a darker or lighter color.

Do you want something unusual? You can also choose a contrasting color, you know. Choose a rug color that is still in the same color family as the room decor. If you want to fit the sofa, you can too. For example, your sofa has a stripes pattern, then the rug is also striped. But, with a note that the wall color must be plain.

Determining the mood of the room is also important when installing a rug. For example, here, the workspace needs a calm mood but is still uplifting and inspiring. You can use rugs with tribal, abstract, or tendril motifs to energize you. Also, you can psychologically choose a rug color. For example, if you want to create a calm mood, you can use green or blue. Meanwhile, yellow or pink for a cheerful and lively impression.

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