Rain Intensity Measurement

Rain Intensity Measurement

Rain is the phenomenon of water falling from the clouds due to the process of the water cycle on earth. Rainwater comes from the sea that evaporates due to exposure to hot sunlight, then the water vapor above the sky will collect to eventually form clouds. The more vapor that collects, the cloud will become heavier, and eventually, the collected water vapor will fall to the earth in the form of rain. Rain can be measured in terms of intensity with tools you can find at Top 5 Best Wireless Rain Gauges [2021 Review] – WeatherStationProfy.

Rain intensity determines whether the rainfall in an area is high or low. Rain with a high intensity usually has the characteristics of a long time, very heavy rain, and its appearance is very frequent. Meanwhile, low-intensity rain has the characteristics of a short time, the rain does not drip heavily and its appearance is rare. Rain with a high intensity often causes an area to be flooded. This is due to poor irrigation systems in areas exposed to high-intensity rains.

Rainfall can be measured to determine the level of rain intensity, the level of the weather period, or the rainy season and can also be used to predict future weather. There are two types of rainfall gauges, namely analog and digital rainfall gauges. An Analog rainfall gauge is a rain gauge that uses the amount of volume in a container in a certain time. If the container contains a lot of water / until it is full, it can be ascertained that the rainfall is high and vice versa. Meanwhile, digital rainfall gauges are rainfall gauges that use digital technology for the measurement process. Digital rainfall gauges are often referred to as Rainfall.

Rainfall is a digital rainfall measuring device that uses sensor and microprocessor technology for the process of measuring rainfall levels. Rainfall can carry out the measurement process and store data from the measurement results in the internal memory. Rainfall uses sensors to capture and measure raindrops. The data that is in the rainfall can be retrieved using BlueTooth or USB. Rainfall has a function to measure rainfall accurately, continuously and can withstand bad weather conditions.

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