Attractive Housing Options In Big Cities

Attractive Housing Options In Big Cities

In big cities, condominiums are quite attractive housing options. Especially for those with very high mobility, including the millennial generation. The size is not too big, the concept is minimalist, the facilities are adequate, which is the ideal residence for young people. Moreover, currently, there are condominiums with a transit-oriented development concept that is integrated with the public transport network. On the other hand, living in a condominium like One Bernam can improve one’s social status. With the increasing demand for condominiums, the price will also increase.

Besides, by owning a One Bernam unit it will be easier to rent. You can rent out the condominium daily, monthly, or yearly. Just adjust it to your wishes or the needs of the tenant. If you can’t afford to buy, millennials are willing to rent a condominium even though the rates are quite expensive, around under 1 thousand dollars per month. If you want years, just multiply them. If you rent for 5 years, you have pocketed around a million. Again, this price depends on the location and facilities provided. You can use the rent money to pay the condominium installments. The rest goes to your profit.

Property prices usually increase 10-15 percent per year. If you buy a condominium One Bernam at the cheapest price, the increase will range per year. Of course, this price increase far exceeds the annual inflation of around 3-4 percent. Instead of saving money only in a savings account, at the risk of being eroded by inflation, it’s better to invest in the right instrument. Many people fail to start investing because they think too much. Considering it’s okay, as long as it doesn’t take too long so that property prices get more expensive. Buy a condominium that suits your financial ability. If assisted by a loan, then make sure the installments are not more than 30 percent of your salary.

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